How to Optimize Working Capital During a Crisis

Even during an unprecedented economic crisis, there are financial levers your company can pull to manage and solidify your access to capital.

In today’s unsteady climate, a treasurer’s focus should be on safety, liquidity and the availability of additional funding sources if needed. You also want to ensure that your supply chain not only stays in business, but continues to produce for your company and can exit this challenging period with strength.

An exclusive report by President of C2FO Capital Markets Kevin Ehinger explains the importance of having a cohesive strategy to optimize access to working capital during times of crisis. He also describes three key ways that funding solutions from C2FO can help:

  • Less risk and improved returns on cash

  • Funding options with greater control

  • Working capital when you need it

With the right approach, you can respond to financial needs in real-time despite any instability beyond your company’s control. To learn more, fill out our form to download Kevin’s full article.

Kevin Ehinger, President of C2FO Capital Markets

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